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Geneva Health Forum 2022: Call for Contributions

Within the overall thematic “Covid-19 Pandemic and Environmental Emergency : Reinventing Global Health in times of Global Changes!” the GHF is launching a call for contributions for the next edition of its conference taking place from 3rd to 5th May 2022.

You can submit a proposal until 15 December 2021.

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Missed Opportunities in Responding to Violence

Violence against women and girls is a social problem with serious long-term health, social and economic consequences. It is reaching epidemic proportions: 1 in 3 women will experience violence in their lifetime. The MISSOP project conducts two case studies in Brazil and Albania, examining the scale and causes of missed opportunities to respond to violence against women and girls in primary care and emergency departments.

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Antimicrobial Resistance: The Silent Pandemic

For Antimicrobial Awareness Week, Esther Künzli, Ad Interim Head of the Travel Clinic and Infectious Disease Specialist, joined us to speak about the silent killer that is currently being overshadowed by COVID-19: antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe

How can we eradicate malaria? Explore cutting-edge science and technology, and examine policies needed to control and eliminate malaria. The self-paced course with lecturers from Harvard, WHO and Swiss TPH is now available for free, online and worldwide!

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Eliminierung einer Krankheit in Sicht: Rückgang um fast 60 % bei der Verbreitung der vernachlässigten Tropenkrankheit Bilharziose

In einer neuen Studie des Schweizerischen Tropen- und Public Health-Instituts (Swiss TPH) haben Forscherinnen und Forscher herausgefunden, dass die Verbreitung von Bilharziose bei... More...


Personen mit niedrigem Einkommen stärker von Pandemie belastet

Die COVCO-Basel Studie des Schweizerischen Tropen- und Public Health-Instituts (Swiss TPH) untersucht seit über einem Jahr die gesundheitlichen und gesellschaftlichen Auswir-kungen... More...


Promising Drug Combination Treatment Against Parasitic Worm Infections

In a Phase III clinical trial, researchers at Swiss TPH have successfully gathered encouraging data to demonstrate higher efficacy of co-administration of ivermectin-albendazole in... More...

10.12.2021 09:00 to 11:00

Mini Symposium: International HIV and Chronic Disease Care Group

Lecturer: Niklaus Labhardt, Nadine Tschumi, Seraina Bally, Malebanye Lerotholi et al.
Location: Zoom
Event category: Public Event

13.12.2021 17:15 to 18:00

[ONLINE] How mosquitoes interact with vector control tools: a 3D video tracking analysis

Lecturer: Mathurin Fatou
Location: Zoom
Event category: Advances in Infection Biology, Epidemiology and Global Public Health